Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Downsizing. . .

I've been living beyond my means for a long time. whole life it seems.
It's a pattern ingrained and I want to undo it.
So I'm looking to downsize - to make larger payments to my debts and learn about living with less.

It dawned on me recently that the Lord will care for my safety and security and that it's time I start pairing down - thinning out... what it is I really need? a room with a place for my bed, a place for my things and a home for my dog. (she is non-negotiable).

seriously - who could abandon this face?

but many other things I can live without.

I can budget and make progress and eat more ramen and rent a room instead of an apartment and sell or give away much of the material things that cling to the surfaces that surround me.

I can...
live with less.
eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
ride my bicycle or take public transit even more than I already do.
read library books.

so - it looks like I'll be selling much of what I own over the next couple of months.
let me know if you're interested.
also - know anyone who has a room to rent come September?