Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 days and counting...

The movers come in a month. I have exactly 6 boxes packed. Well, two of those were boxes previously packed and stored in a closet. I have exactly 4 boxes packed, and 2 boxes moved from storage closet to the dining room/moving staging-area.

I packed my books first. Time for leisure reading is something I don't plan for in the next 30 days. Except of course for my book club book. We're reading "Same Kind of Different as Me," by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It's an interesting book so far and proving to be one of many easy distractions from the menacing job of packing up my life and moving to Lakewood.

I have lots of projects planned for once the move has actually happened... painting walls, hanging curtains, making the place homey and all that I dream it will be. I think about where to place furniture.

Pre-moving is always difficult. It's hard to get excited about getting cardboard-dry hands and the fear of accidentally packing something you desperately need in an unmarked box at the bottom of the pile. But I will prevail.

Tonight's goal... 3 more boxes. ... and maybe - packing something other than books.