Monday, April 4, 2011

tenbyfourteen progress report

13.5 hours down... who knew I had it in me to exercise this much in a week? I'm pretty much sore all the time, now - but I'm getting used to it... and I'm looking forward to the day when I don't get sore as quickly, because that will mean I've gotten stronger.

Sleeping has also become an issue, mostly because of the soreness and endorphins. I'm finding it difficult to get myself back down to an attitude of rest after the evenings spent in African Dance. But - I'm also hoping my body adjusts to this over time. The hours I do spend sleeping are very restful... but oftentimes I wake up 5-6 times a night, now.

The eating went well, but I do know now that I need to be a bit more cautious about snack foods. There was an incident involving a goodly portion of a bag of yogurt-covered raisins in class the other night. I have a difficult time staying awake in class, and while the snacking helped to keep me alert - I really had more than I should have. This week I will pack a correct portion size, and not be tricked into bringing the whole package into the classroom. ...Maybe a protein shake will help with the sleepiness.

It rained this morning. We needed the rain, desperately ...but it did keep me from my morning stroll with the pooch. So, I already owe myself (and the Libster) an hour at some other time during the week. But, I'm confident I can make this up. I've scheduled it for Saturday

So - this week it will be more of the same:
Mon: African Dance = 1.5 hr.
Tues: Walk, Water fitness, Cardio-kickboxing = 3.0 hr.
Wed: Walk, African Dance = 2.5 hr.
Thurs: Water fitness, Cardio-kickboxing = 2 hr.
Fri: Walk, Water fitness = 2 hr.
Sat: Make-up walk from Monday = 1 hr.
Sun: African Dance = 1.5 hr.

Total ~ 13.5 hours

I'm hoping for one more piece of validation for my birthday celebration... I want to be in my next-size-down jeans. I'm currently in-between, in that "ugh stage" where the current jeans are definitely too large, but the next-size-down jeans look like they've been painted on, and that ain't a good thing... So... ten more days, a few more pounds, several more hours of exercise... and another size. I got this on lock, baby.

If I knew getting healthy was this much fun, I'd have done it years ago!