Monday, March 28, 2011

tenbyfourteen - setting new goals

So, lately I've been off to the races with my workout schedule and I have found a new rhythm with my eating plan - so it's been exciting to see the scale moving in the downward direction. Also exciting is fitting into clothes better and having my co-workers ask me if this is a new suit, and being able to tell them that it's just one I haven't worn in a while. ...and not having to add why, but knowing why inside, and smiling.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks... 18 days or whatever, but who's counting? And I'm not trolling for celebrations, but what I am doing is making a goal for a birthday gift to myself. I want to lose ten by April 14. I want to stick to my eating and exercise habits for the next 18 days and hope to goodness that I can see the results in time to have some Amy's Chocolate Cake to celebrate. I might even go all out and have TWO servings. It will be my birthday, after all. And I know - ten in 18 days is a lot. I promise to be happy with whatever number comes flashing up from beneath my feet on April 14, as long as I can stick to the eating plan and exercise... if it's not ten, I can still feel great about sticking to it!

So - here are my exercise goals for the week:
Walking: 1 hour per workout, 4x/week - 4 hours
Water Fitness: 1 hour per workout, 3x/week - 3 hours
Cardio Kickboxing: 1 hour per workout, 2x/week - 2 hours
African Dance: 90 min. per workout, 3x/week - 4.5 hours
= ~13.5 hours

....I'm putting my game-face on, and thinking about making 33 the best year yet.
woop woop!


dreaming over the ocean said...

here IS to making 33 years the best year ever. you should set those goals out, and.... write a weekly report! Let us know if you achieve the hours every week ;)

You are awesome, Moo! and, i am totally rooting for you.

Joe Moderate said...

Go, Amanda, Go! Wow, your exercise schedule puts me to shame, but it sounds like a lot of fun too--the water work and the African dance sound cool. Enjoy :-)